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WitLet's Newsletter - March

Welcome to our new monthly feature: a newsletter keeping one and all informed on the status of the industry and its challenges, as well as handy tips for your properties. We'd be interested in hearing any feedback you may have and any questions are more than welcome!

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Property Needed for Young Family


How to prepare your home for winter

In this month's edition, we're on hand to offer our tips to make sure that your home is prepared for winter.

There's also news on a rise of average rent prices in Wales and England, a look at how the property market has evolved over the last five years and we assess the options available for first-time buyers looking to get started on the property ladder. 

How to help your children get onto the property ladder

In this month's edition, we look at the news that rental property demand has shown a year-on-year increase of 13%, alongside a new surge in property supply across the UK.

We also look at the top ten home improvement projects and a guide to help parents figure out the best way to assist their children in getting onto the property ladder. 

15% Rental Rate Rise Predicted By 2023

In this month's edition, we look at the predicted rise of rental rates, which could increase as much as 15% by 2023.

We also reveal what the average upfront cost of purchasing a home is, look at the effect that top schools can have on a property's price and provide landlords with a guide to keeping their tenant's happy. 

Welcome to the Latest Edition of our Hot Property Bulletin


How Much Does Disrepair Put Off Home Buyers?

In this month's edition, the government have proposed new three-year tenancy agreements and a recent study has revealed how much disrepair will put off a homebuyer.

Also this month, we share a tenants guide to moving out and new details have been revealed about national planning for new homes.

How to Keep Your Home Safe Whilst You're on Holiday

In this month's edition, vendors and buyers are returning to the property market and we share some top tips on how to keep your home safe whilst you are on holiday.

Also this week, we discuss what to consider when buying a second home and we reveal what the difference is between asking and selling price.

Welcome to our Latest Property Bulletin


Welcome to the Latest Edition of our Hot Property Bulletin


One in Five Households Will Renting By 2022, Plus More

In this month's edition, a study has found that one in five households will be renting by 2022 and homeowners are underestimating the cost of renovation.

Also this month, we reveal how to keep your home cool this summer and we reveal the options that are available for first-time buyers.

Buyer Demand Outpace Number of Available Properties At 12:1

In this month's edition, buyer demand is currently outpacing the number of available properties at 12:1 and UK homes are currently gaining £44 in value every day.

Also this month, rent in England and Wales is up by 3.2% and we share some great money saving tips for your home.

Welcome to the latest edition of our hot property bulletin


What the Spring Statement Means for UK Property, Plus More

In this edition, we discuss how the spring statement is set to impact the UK property market and we share our guide to keeping your tenants happy.

Also this month, we reveal how much first-time buyers will need to cover the cost of their first home and we share five unusual factors that affect house prices.

What Perks Are Tenants Happy to Pay More For? Plus More

In our March edition, UK house prices have risen by 5.2% over the last twelve months and we reveal which perks tenants are happy to pay more for.

Also this month, tenants paid a record £51 billion pounds in rent in 2017 and we share top tips for viewing a property like a pro.

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